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talk | theme: Publishing and/as Artistic Practice

Koleka Putuma

Koleka Putuma's practice is multifaceted, moving at the interstices of theatre and writing. The platform Manyano Media, but also Collective Amnesia (2017) is very explicit what publishing for her implies. Thinking of a sentence in her poem ’Teachings’: ‘publishing (v): a middle finger to the erasure and silencing of womxn like me.’ We asked Koleka Putuma if she could elaborate on what, according to her publishing and/as artistic practice might, can or should entail.

Koleka Putuma is a theatre practitioner, writer and poet. She is the Founder and Director of Manyano Media, a multidisciplinary creative company that empowers and produces stories and works by black queer women. Read more about Koleka Putuma.

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