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talk | theme: Publishing and/as Artistic Practice

Florian Dombois

The practice of Florian Dombois, both as an artist and as a professor, if one wants to disentangle the two, is marked by a deep engagement with a diversity of mediums, with a specific focus on sound. In a recent text warning to not reduce art as ’the other’ of academics, he made a plea for approaching language differently in artistic research, i.e. not as “merely” representing the “theoretical” part of artistic research. Relating to these two observations, we asked him to elaborate on how, according to him, an artistic practice can or should be published, or publish itself?'

Florian Dombois is an artist who has focused on wind, time, models, and on landforms, labilities, tectonic activity, scientific, and technical fictions. As a professor he teaches at Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland. Read more about Florian Dombois.

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