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talk | theme: On Grief and Death

Working with the dead

In an informal talk Silvia Cusicanqui speaks of the relation that her and her collective sustain with the dead in their daily lives and in the approaching of the celebration of Todos Santos. A meandering conversation that mirrors her ch’ixi way of thinking, and her relation with the Aymara thought. Together with Carolina Mendonça and Catalina Insignares, they go through descriptions of a specific ecology of the dead that threads rains, cacophonies, sweat and tears.

Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui is a Bolivian sociologist and activist of Aymara descent. She has been involved in the exploration of the communitarian and anarchist side of indigenous struggles. She is currently a member of the Colectivx Ch'ixi, which promotes the cause of people with disabilities through the production of documentaries and the organisation of workshops and events to raise awareness of the discrimination suffered by this group. In recent years, she has also supported the space El Tambo Colectivo, a cultural centre in La Paz that seeks to combine which seeks to combine theoretical knowledge with manual and environmental work.

Carolina Mendonça has a Master in Choreography and Performance at Giessen University in Germany and Graduated in Performing Arts at ECA-USP in Brazil. Her latest projects are Zones of Resplendence (2023) that speculates around feminist perspectives on violence and useless land (2018) where together with Catalina Insignares they invite de audience to sleep while they read through the night.

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